12 rules for life(summary)

‘a game without rules is not a very happy one’. today we shall discuss, the 12 rules for life, which make life meaningful.

  1. stand up straight.

our mind conditions our body, when happy our body posture expands, whereas the opposite takes place when we are sad or anxious, the same applies for your feelings with your body posture in self-control.

2. treat yourself as a responsibility

you must take care of yourself, as your most priceless possession.

3. befriend people who show positive behaviour towards you

our friends influence us very much, hence it is important to choose friends wisely, as you may know that you will always want and will gain something inspired by your friend. Maybe like, a ciggarette, if your friend is not very helathy, or success, if your friend is determined for it.

4. compare yourself to who you were yesterday not somebody else

we are all great in our fields, so it is quite meaningless comparing yourself to others. Rather if you compare yourself with a person worse in your field(yourself in the past) then you are today, you will always find out that you are successful, which you are.

5. insert values in your children from a young age

while every parent loves their child endlessly, you must not express this, your child shall know that as he/she grows up. you must have a stern hand on them to prepare them for the future, where their bad behaviour will not be accepted.

6. stop blaming the world for it’s wrongs

stop telling the world to change, change yourself

7. pursue meaningful destinies then traditional destinies.

there are two destinies layed ahead of you.

1. Making the society happy-success not guranteed

2. Making yourself happy-success guranted.

this means you should get a job that makes you happy, and hence rich.

8. Please stop lying

wither stop lying to yourself or to the entire world. This will impact your success, believe me, if one lazily sits on the couch all day, denying work, lying to him/her self, they will never succeed. don’t listen to that content wanting feeling in you, doing so you will never succeed, thus you will never achieve your goal.

9. Listen

You don’t always have to argue during a discussion. It has become common for human to argue during a decision, making it a competition, listen, understand, hence succeed.

10. say it clearly

when you talk to a doctor, you need to be accurate, that is how you will be medicated. The same is for your life, without indentifying your problem you will never find a solution.

11. teach children to take risks

high rides are not risky, you need to prepare children for the future. Teach them to take risks, which will come in handy for the future. Doing this is being a good parent, to your child, the future, hence you are being a good parent for the entire future.

12. appreciate pleasures

you must be thankful for every small pleasure. a day is never bad, it is always beautiful, if you see it closely.

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