7 Habits Of Highly Effective People(Summary)

-By Stephen R. Covey

Habit 1. Being Proactive

Proactive VS Reactive

Reactive people hurriedly, without understanding the situation, blame problems on anyone they set their eyes on.

Proactive people analyse the situation, observe it, and conclude their future actions.

Habit 2. Start from the end

Think exactly about what you want!

Habit 3. Necessary and important things should be taken as first priority.

We have millions of things to do each day and believe it or not we mange to do most of these million things, but we still don’t feel that satisfaction. We don’t understand that daily table for our to-do list. Lets see what this table is-

Urgent things-Deadline dated missing or soon, should be completed first

Not urgent-Does not have a deadline but can cause problems if not regularly done, exercise, meditation, family bonding and more

We can’t focus without these things/Urgent but not important-Mobiles, video games, Instagram, twitter, Facebook and more

Not necessary, no deadline– Basically things that are better to be avoided

Habit 4. Win-Win

Effective people like to locate a situation that directly tells both teams it is a win-win. Profiting for both teams.

Habit 5. Listening, understanding, and then reacting

There are 5 types of ways that people listen-



Selective/Self-perspective listening

Attentive-Listening to the enthusiasm in the voice, usually while listening to a motivational speaker.

Empathetic-Global perspective is maintained.

Habit 6. Working together

Simply working together in a strong bond, you should be able to dance without music with your group, that’s how well you should be aware of your team mate’s habits.

Habit 7.Extending your brain, physical, emotional, and spiritual power

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