7 Spiritual Laws Of Success(Summary)

-By Deepak Chopra

This book is related to Quantum Physics and Eastern thoughts. Fortunately, these spiritual laws of success are quite easy and simple to understand and hence easy to use in daily life.

Law 1-The Law of pure potentiality

The creation of everything in existence is a result of pure potentiality. Our expressions unlock pure potentiality. When it is expressed that we as in ourselves are the beholders of pure potentiality. The greatest power is aligned with us. It is the realm of all creativity.

The more we discover who we are the closer we are to the great power of true potentiality. Freedom of pure consciousness or also known as pure potentiality. Practicing non-judgement can unlock this power. Therefore we must learn to appreciate nature. Silence is an open door to peace. As a result, it connects you with the universe. In these peaceful moments you can unlock your true self.

You can unlock your true potential, your potential to fulfil your life’s greatest desires.

When you’re connected to your environment and people, you realise you are not the only one who is cut off from the rest of the world. You realise that the world is full of energy which binds the fabric of the universe. The world is not ignoring you. Remember, you are an important part of complex nature. Accordingly your true self has no limitations. You can achieve anything you want, hence this includes wealth, spirituality, money, success and happiness. To open this unopened gift inside you, you must dissolve your ego. Your ego is the cause of destruction of your true potentiality- your gift of success.

Luckily silent meditation comes to your rescue every time. Importantly, focus on your calmness and observing your thoughts without judgement. The author recommends you sit silently for thirty minutes in the morning and observe nature for another thirty minutes in the evening. Understand all living things, feel nature see the sunset and the ocean. Smell the fragrant flowers and feel the freshness of grass. Connect with the simplicity yet intelligence of nature.

Law 2-Law of giving

The more you give the more you receive. Our body is constant in giving and recieving from the universe in order to love, to grow and to create. It is important to keep the flow going.When giving we get involved in the circulation of the universe,You may receive in the form of many things. Money is something that you will recieve in the same form as of which form you gave it. If you give, give with a positive attitude.

We can never be poor in giving gifts. Our true nature is of gifting abundantly. Currency means to circulate or flow. Money must flow for humanity to flourish. Hence investments are better and more useful then savings. You will not become rich doing your jobs and continuously making savings in your bank account, clearly, investing in your limited quantity of education you could start your own business.

Use your social currency, indeed the more you bond with someone and give and recieve to and from them the more your bond will grow. Apply the law of giving- When I meet anyone I will share joy and affection and increase happiness in my life. I will keep circulating my wealth and accept all materialistic gifts.Along with that I will also pray for happiness in everyone’s lives.

Law 3-Law of karma

We must pay attention to the choices we make. after all we make choices all the time.

When eating we are not very conscious about our diet. Although, these choices are of great importance and affect our lives majorly we tend to fall on the wrong choice and hence leading to these effects coming to us naturally. Try choosing good actions. Hence, choose actions that bring joy to everyone’s lives. Hence, paying attention to our expenses before eating would be benefical. When someone intentionally or unintentionally hurts your feeling you have two choices.

At this time you can choose to ignore this person or take revenge. Ignoring this person would be the absolutely correct descision. Now to find how we got this answer let’s apply the law of Karma. In particular, ask these questions to yourself- ‘What would be the consequences?’ and ‘Will this choice bring happiness?’ All actions generate energy. ‘You sow you reap’. Hence, you must understand your decision and accordingly analise the right choices. Never do something that will have a negative effect. Above all, the actions you commit will come back to you.

law 4-Law of least format

People spend a lot of time thinking about their current circumstances. They do not realise that there is a key to all doors, an effortless key that is termed as the key of least efforts. It is alloyed with the ability to accept current situations. This means to not fight the problem, hence wasting your energy, instead facing it and accepting it. You see there is always a lesson we learn when facing difficult situations. We learn many lessons some of these are. How to reduce the effect that people or the environment around you have- Indeed, this means patience and respect, gaining self-confidence and self-belief, and accepting the situation for its true state. You can dig deeper about accepting the situation because this is an important part of the fourth law.

Practice defencelessness-This means ridding yourself of the chore to convince others. This means when you accept the situation for what it is and understand everyone without judging them.

How do we apply the law of least effort-Practice acceptance. In contrast, You should know the sticky situation you are in is worth it. Hence, you must understand that the entire universe is the same and it is the way it should be. When accepting the situation you must take responsibility of it, without blaming others. In addition every problem there are hidden opportunities that you need to find.

Law 5-The law of intentions and desires

This is the most alluring and complex law yet. You can improve your quality of life with inserting positive thoughts and intentions into your mind. When you bring a good thought into this field of energy you greatly affect the universe around you.

Imagine you desire to live in a bigger yet better house. But, you constantly think negatively about your small house. Hence, this causes you to offer the universe negative energy. Thus, this will result in the universe never giving you positive energy in return. Instead you could try thinking about being thankful for the house you already have. The universe will absorb your positive thoughts and will turn them into reality.

You must pay attention to this process carefully. Taking an example that you do not like your job. You feel miserable with those horrible thoughts that constantly rush through your mind. To improve your situation you must give attention to your thoughts every day and replace them with positive thoughts.

We can apply the law of desires and intentions when we hand our endless list of desires to the womb of creation. When you trust that the perfect cosmic plan of the universe has good intentional designs for you. You must know that if you are not able to do something there is a suitable reason to it. The plans that the universe has created for you are more reasonable and satisfying then you could imagine. You must trust and believe. Accept your present moment and cherish your intentions and desires with which you must cooperate for the future.

Law 6- The law of detachment

One can have joy and laughter only from detachment. Symbols of wealth are created spontaneously. Without detachment we must force our solutions into our problems. With detachment we have the ability to possess the freedom to see solutions. Hence, we can escape chaos. This happens when we detach ourselves from our desires and connect with true nature. It is the universe that can help you to achieve your dreams. You must make sure that people around you also have the same freedom of detachment. Don’t force your desires on others, thus creating problems. You must make sure that you will participate without detachment. You can achieve security only when you know your true self. The body and mind dissolve hence leaving you in the field of energy.

Applying the law of detachment. You must accept others for their true possessed features and mustn’t force your ideas on anyone nor should you force solutions on problems. You must participate without detachment. When stepping into the field of energy you experience all of life’s so cherished spices.

Law 7- The law of dharma

Every star has its own special spot in the pitch-black night in which they shine the brightest. In the same way humans must find their own special spot on earth. When we help others to find their special spot humanity shall flourish and everyone can lead a purposeful life. Hence, don’t question about what the universe can do for you. Question yourself about what you can do for the universe. Imagine you had a dream to always become a singer. But, not everyone has a good voice.

You may feel you could not contribute to the society although that is not true. Don’t be depressed, discover the hard truth within you. If a creative person like you can become an artist a kind person can become a doctor. Find your life’s purpose and thereby enter the field of energy. Now you may wonder what is it that you contribute to the universe.

It is simple, when you get a job you will know it is the right one when the universe provides you with energy to work tirelessly. Apply the law of Dharma- We all have a talent and ability to serve. When we combine them we find joy and happiness. This is the ultimate goal of human.

Every cell is born in the field of pure potentiality. This is how the laws are executed in every cell

The law of karma-Correct response to every problem.

The law of least effort-Efficiency in alertness yet calm.

The intention of every cell is to experience the organisation power of natural intelligence by-The law of detachment

The cell also executes the law of dharma.

Every cell wants to discover its own source-The field of pure potentiality, serve its fellow beings and express it’s talents.

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