A candy store

Hello friends, have you ever wondered on what your favourite store may be. Mine is surely the candy shop. This is how I would describe my favourite store.

The glass door pushed open and a delicate small brass bell tinkled with a delightful tune. The Persian carpeted flooring excluded an air of comfort and royalty. A well-dressed wrinkled man gave me a satisfactory childish smile.He was wearing a maroon jumper and vintage jeans. His clothes were not expensive instead they were tidy and neat. His footwear added an abrupt look to his appearance. A drowsy silence lay over the store. I was an eager beaver to explore this sleeping wonderland and hoping to awaken it from it’s deep slumber, with enlightenment.

A thousand different species of caramel, bitter, creamy, chewy, crunchy, and exquisitely sweet candies everywhere. Enormous jars of gummy bears and skittles owned the bottom shelf with great pride. The second shelf thronged with lollipops and tiny chewy toffees. The third shelf hoarded by vibrantly colour coated candies flashing different hues and shades. At the sky line sweet smelling candy canes and other confectionaries, spreading their mouth-watering aroma into the air. the smell would later dispersed by the fan.

On the granite counter top was a beautiful chocolate fountain. Right beside it was a scrumptious distraction, a haven for chocolate plants! They were plants of creativity and supreme wonder. Candy canes and marshmallows sprouted from hot melted chocolate in a pot made of white chocolate itself. This place must be one of the future seven wonders of the world.

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