A Crowded Market

The market was a sea of movement and entering it felt like putting my life at stake. It was a stampede of infuriated mindless monkeys! Colorful tables scattered here and there. A tent sheltering each of them. The occupied vendors in the tents were busy debating with their customers like it was the war of the worlds. The only boundaries were the weak plastic tables. The poor tables unwillingly digested the unbearable weight of frustration.

The savage riots denied defeat, and the army of sellers were concerned about what they were getting as a payment. The competition was at its highest peak. The pandomonium between the players was deffeaning. Not a single soul was in peace. Everyone looked hassled. The children were lightning. They carried with them the aroma of deliciousness, as of what the stray dogs termed it. The pungent smell of spices lured the customers away. The children attracted the stinky smelling stray dogs of the street.

Two suspicious teenagers were running like trains without tracks. They had left a hard imprint of their escape. A messy splatter of fruits. The malladorous smell of arm pits was unbearable!

A nauseated woman could be seen.She was extremely weak. Her legs were noodles and her hair was like a bristly sponge as sharp as a thousand needles. Behind her was a cascade of glistening rainbows. It was a kaelidostope of lights. Mesmerised I was. The sight left me transfixed for a long time.

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