A scenic drive from Goa to Cabo de Rama

A scenic drive from Goa to Cabo de Rama

Heading from North to South is a huge task, you might want to leave early.  I would recommend you go in the monsoon for most scenic views. Although you will face some traffic, which is quite a lost of pain for restless travellers. Soon you will see your road becoming smoother and calmer.

At this point you might find yourself surrounded by lush green trees that sprawl only till their limits, so you’ll still be having smooth roads ahead. You’ll also notice the trees actually welcoming you, canopying you sort of. The traffic might also get lighter. Moving ahead you will find some shrubs, more smooth roads, and later you might notice a new trail of coconut trees. In the monsoon the ride will just get better. The fragrance of nourished wet soil,  the tall sheltering trees, and the slick roads will help you to feel nature’s joy from the comfort of your car seat.

We were headed for a resort and Cabo de Rama was going to be a detour from there. So we changed our road direction. Now the trees will go higher above ground towering you. However on the other side you will find some tiny shrubs. As you go on you will notice more and more buildings appear. Some low, some high but not too much, not those you might find in cities. You might notice some elderly people living joyously. After all this ride is one of the best getaways for the havoc in cities. There will also be some very old buildings around.

Later on the fun will really begin. Driving through Goan roads will mesmerize you. Behind you are the emerald plains. Ahead of you are an astounding number of paddy fields. The purity of India’s natural beauty is certainly captured. There in the middle of it all, you are, on a bridge, below you the crystal waters, above you the clear blue sky. What more can one ask for ? Moving on, you will enter a Hamlet which might be the only destination before you start feeling deserted.  Enveloped by bushes, trees, shrubs, ahead of you a lonely road. Then, as you move ahead you will start finding a more diverse variety of mother nature’s beauty. Coconut trees, mulberry trees, and some I couldn’t even know, a few rare species may also be spotted.

Later you will come to a choice. Either choice will offer thrill. Tale left for a magnificent fort-Cabo de Rama, take right for the picturesque sea. Wither way you win. Taking left you will reach Cabo de Rama which offers to you the most photogenic views. The stagnant murky sea. The soft skin of the Earth. The encircling of tropical palm trees. Truly a sight to behold.

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