A Scary Subway Ride

The cobblestone terminal was freezing cold, it was like I was going to shiver to death. The unfortunate homeless were scattered here and there. The train came dashing throught like an iron monster. The doors opened unwillingly, leading a broken dam of movement into the terminal. I climbed in, with uncomfort.

The train wasn’t mean nor was it ugly it was unwelcoming. An eeri silence followed me. The doors clicked shut. An over worked labrour denied comfort. He was lethargic and his eyes were red and moist. He was asleep when suddenly the lights went out. Today’s ride was quite unusual. Chewing gum had dirtied the crimson seats. It was a disgusting masterpiece, and the artist was an unknown teenager. I sat on my bag which I placed on the seat.

A drunk entered the compartment. His legs were noodles and his eyes were bags of bleach. He moved around like a misfit. The sinewy man came sitting adjacent to my seat. His malladorous odor smelled like he had broken into a liqour shop. A bony old woman pierced my mind with her desperate look. She was targeting me with her beady eyes. Her skin was pale and her look for ‘help’ made my inner workings go haywire! My heart was thudding wildly. My hands turned clammy. Two men held onto this lady, were they giving her balance? Was this lady petrified? My mind was unable to reconcile to custom. I hurriedly got off the train. I thanked my stars a million times!

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