A Thank You Letter in Lockdown

Dear Ministers, Delivery men, Teachers, Doctors, Police, Nurses, Army Officers, Soldiers,Vegetable sellers, Government staff, Mothers, Wives, Farmers,News reporters, Sanitary workers, and everyone.

Ministers, Government staff, Amy officers, Police and Soldiers:

Thank you for your exceptional service and endless sacrifices that you made for us selflessly. You were strong against covid and spent hours thinking about your next descisions. We rely on you. Thank you to all Ministers, Government staff, Army officers, Police and Soldiers.

Vegetable sellers, farmers, and fruit sellers:

You provide us with food, giving us strength and keeping us alive. Thank you for all the necessary rational food supply you provide. Thank you to all vegetable sellers, farmers, and fruit sellers.


Your compassion and love towards your family is priceless. Thank you for fulfilling our endless needs. Thank you to all mothers and wives.

Delivery men and women:

You always provide us with our requirements. Thank you to all delivery men.


You teach us with relentless efforts.No one can take your place. Thank you to all Teachers.

Doctors and Nurses:

Your devotion to service is something we will never be able to pay back. Your selfless personality is what explains your Godly identity. You are a saviour to all of us. Thank you to all Doctors and Nurses.

News reporters:

You provide us with information about our changing environments. You are our eyes to see the outdoor world. Thank you to all News reporters.

Sanitary workers:

You are a hero to us. You’re the reason we survive. You meet diseases as hurdles in your work and battle and defeat them. Thank you to all sanitary workers.

You! :

All the joy everyone sacrificed is priceless. Our sacrifices have now been pieced together to reveal a new state of strength in humanity. Working together we can overcome this pandemic. With every passing day we shall grow stronger and likely to defeat this monster ‘corona virus’ . Thank you for being who you are, you are perfect.

Yours faithfully,

Sara Gawde

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