Intrinsic Value

Intrinsic ValueTo find the intrinsic value you need to have the following information about the company you are searching:Owners EarningsLong-term bond rate To find how much you might save or lose:Intrinsic ValueValue of businessBuying price(note:buying price will be replaced by ‘marked price’ in the following example) ExampleWarren Buffett himself made a very salutary transaction in … Read more

The Warren Buffett Way(Summary)

The Warren Buffett Way Buffett has been on the Forbes list for more then 30 years, he owns a company himself and he is also an investor. His company got rich eventually but how did he get rich in stocks when you’ve been in stocks for thirty years and still live in the same house? … Read more

How To Win Friends And Influence People(summary)

How To Win Friends And Influence People(summary) 1.Give people what they want Everyone loves to be appreciated. Who doesn’t love to be told about their talents and supported for the smallest things? Well, I have to say I do too. 2.How to get something done from someone Lets take an example. There was a man, … Read more

The Magic Of Thinking Big(summary)

The Magic Of Thinking Big Summary According to the author your bank account’s size is related to the size of your imagination. For example Elon Musk, although Musk is intelligent it isn’t what makes him successful. It is his imagination something that proves his intelligence. Imagination makes everything and anything possible. No wonder Musk’s bank … Read more

You Can Be A Stock Market Genius(summary)

You can be a stock market genius  summary It may seem that those who get profits in the stock market have just got much better luck then you do, well maybe not. 1.Why you need spinoffs  spin off is when a company converts it’s own sub division into a completely different company. This means that … Read more

The Gifts Of Imperfections(summary)

1.Accepting your imperfections A cuckoo can sing much better then a parrot, while a parrot can speak much better then a cuckoo. A cuckoo trying to be a parrot is wastage of energy and time, and a parrot trying to be cuckoo repeats the same mistake. Your imperfections make you unique not odd. 2. Perfection … Read more

Miracle Morning(summary)

Life S.A.V.E.R.S S-SILENCE(meditation)meditation does NOT mean literally closing your eyes, it means emptying your mind of junk. This does not happen when you are asleep but when you are awake, sort of like, when you go to sleep its like going to the pool, which does not really start your day or refresh you like … Read more

The Art Of Happiness(summary)

1. Causes of happiness If we live for a day, a month, a year or even a 100 years all we want is to be happy. People who are happy are more forgiving and loving then those who aren’t. There are certain factors that cause our happiness, and discovering these factors means finding happiness. 2. … Read more

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profts (summary)

Don’t quibble over 8s ad quarters In the year 2006 there was an investor who wished to buy a stock that cost 35 dollars and 100 cents. He gave only 35 dollars because he wanted to save those 100 cents, but his transaction never got completed because the stock never went down to 35 dollars … Read more

12 rules for life(summary)

‘a game without rules is not a very happy one’. today we shall discuss, the 12 rules for life, which make life meaningful. stand up straight. our mind conditions our body, when happy our body posture expands, whereas the opposite takes place when we are sad or anxious, the same applies for your feelings with … Read more