Help forgotten angels

Our parents are the most important things in our world, even if we’re on different planets their the ones that helped us get there. We’ve learned how important it is to appreciate our parents. Everyone’s time on earth is limited try to live it to the fullest help others do the same. Start helping your … Read more

Plant a tree, Save lives

Thousands of people die every day of lung cancer and asthma. The land is heating up, because of the greenhouse effect. This is causing ice to melt and water to dry, droughts to happen people in some countries are dehydrating while others are facing floods. With dry lands dead wood is forming which is causing … Read more

The most trustworthy donation organisation in India

We all love to help, it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside of you. Maybe it makes you feel like god for a few minutes. But a question arises, where should you donate?What might be the most effective and most trustworthy donation organisation to donate to in India? Lucky for you I have the … Read more

Protect the Voiceless

‘Welcome to a world of torture, misery, and heart breaks’, this is the welcome a baby panda, sea otter, blue whale and every other endangered animal would get at birth. What welcome do we get? ‘Welcome precious to this beautiful world in which humans can persecute animals to their own will.’ You see the difference. … Read more

Support for survival

Have you ever thought about how our world is so intelligent yet so many people die every single day. I’m talking about the injured, the sick and the poor. Many People die because they can’t get treatment because of financial instability. I don’t blame the doctors or the government for this, I don’t blame anybody … Read more

Donate to educate the Future

Many students are suffering because of the lack of education that has been caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. Education is something that we all need to grow and develop. Changes in circumstances and the crashing economy have resulted in many people losing their jobs and thus being unable to pay rents, buy food, and … Read more