The Warren Buffett Way(Summary)

The Warren Buffett Way Buffett has been on the Forbes list for more then 30 years, he owns a company himself and he is also an investor. His company got rich eventually but how did he get rich in stocks when you’ve been in stocks for thirty years and still live in the same house? … Read more


OutliersSuccess is very short defined by humans-passion, hard work etc.However the author of this book has got us out of the stubby little box to see the other factors that define success. People don’t rise from rag to riches, it isn’t always right. Try to find out these peoples’ history. What are outliers?Someone who is … Read more

Review of The Magic of The Lost Temple

-By Sudha Murty (A children book) Wonderfully expressed I would say. A city girl Nooni, goes to her village in Karnataka. Her parents were aware of the fact they wouldn’t have much time for Nooni in the summer so they sent her to the village. She learns about the culture of her village. On hearing … Read more