A Story About Love

Buddha had a jealous cousin named devadatta. Devadatta thought that everyone honoured buddha more then him, he felt very angry at his cousins nd devised a plan to kill him. He knew the say when Buddha would be passing a village. So, in this village, he hid a elephant behind a wall, when Buddha arrived, … Read more

The Case Of The Missing Clock(Part 2)

However, my idea was a disapointment. The robbers must have been some sort of proffesionals, there were 2 of them, they had escaped from a window and made their way to a yellow house. Zooming in, I noticed, that was the very same house in which my divorced mother lived in. They had next stolen … Read more

The Case Of The Missing Clock(Part 1)

Mrs O’leary had been very cantankerous for the last few days, suspicious of anyone and everyone of stealing her precious heirloom, a grandfather clock. She was an old widow who spoke to her clock who replied with a tick and a tock. Even if she was the landlady of her building and living in an … Read more

The Case Of The Invisible Man(Part 2)

There on the floor was uncle alan curled up beside his identical head, sadly, the wax version. “Someone has murdered my Alan Jr.,” he wailed. William ignored him and headed towards the axe beside him. Nobody would just break into a house to destroy a useless wax statue and just leave. The destroyer of the … Read more

The Case Of The Invisible Man(Part 1)

William Green knew he was being watched. There was something weird about the place. He had come to Typical Town for the summer to live with his uncle. William either saw his uncle taking tourists to his basement, or ‘the ultimate wax museum’, as he called ,or slumped in front of the TV. The wax … Read more