Rapid Response

India has always been prone to natural disasters, around 57% of the country is prone to earth quakes. Around 8% of the cyclones produced by the coromandel coastline hit there, thus killing thousands of people. Millions of indians are victims of natural disasters. However, to help these victims many ngos have been founded. Rapid response … Read more


Flow-A time when you feel truly happy and forget aabout the outside world, this can be a time when time itself seems frozen. This can be when you are painting or reading or doing any other educational hobby. This is nothing but another term for enjoyment. enjoyment means growth and happiness, however, pleasure means addiction … Read more

How to get rid of a head ache

You know how a horrible head ache could ruin your entire day. It becomes hard to stay active at all. Hear I have listed cures for a headache 1.Avoid activity, becaue haedaches increase with activity. 2.Use a heat pack on your muscles to help them relaxuse a cold pack on your head so it can … Read more

A Random Walk Down Wall street(Summary)

1st stop-Confused zoneSpeculating vs InvestingSpeculation-buy and sell(those who want to earn fast) results aren’t certainInvesting-buy and hold(those who want to earn for certain) results are determined 2nd stop-A castle in the airLets say a company is overvalued. It’s worth is a 100 dollars. Right now it is at 300 dollars now going to 500. Lets … Read more