Dare to Lead

leaders are learners not knowers
They always want to learn more which leads them to knoing more then we do. They are always willing to change

Leaders are led with empathy
They try to put themselves in someonelse’s shows. They always put other ahead of themselves.

Leaders have self compassion
They don’t pressure themselves with failures, they try to change that ‘fail’. They try to imply the same to others, instead of screaming at other people they try to make them understand what actually went wrong and how to fix it.

Leaders practice self care and healing
They take care of themselves too. They try to heal wounds that are causing them to be depressed or sad. Without knowiung it they might be breaking from the inside

Leaders pay attention to the stories we tell ourselves.
They try to emotionally attach themselves to other people. When telling a story they want to touch their audience’s heart, get them emotional. So to be aleader be a good storyteller.

Accountability and Blame
nstead of blaming themselves or others they decide to take accountability of their mistake.
Accountability is productive and blaming isn’t.

Leaders practice self management
They try to improve themselves and then try to improve their team mates. For example: a kid will most likely not do what he is told, but instead do what he sees his parents doing.

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