Deep Work(Summary)

-By Cal Newport

There are two types of ways by which people work-

Deep Work and Shallow work

Lets compare these two

Deep WorkShallow Work
This is when you possess a skill that no one can steal or take away from you. When you are irreplaceable. Even robots do not have your abilities! It is when nothing can distract you.Even if you work forever you are never really going to get any results for it.
    Example-There are millions of people on earth who want to become authors but you have a skill of being an author that writes books that do not exist on Earth. Be good at what you do!Example-You continuously check your emails or text messages, when there really is no use to it because it is just temporary satisfaction.

Why Deep Work?

When you have been working on your business for many hours and suddenly you get a message you get distracted. You leave whatever you’re doing and desperately get to your phone. That is NOT DEEP WORK. You would’ve lost your concentration because it would have been converted to shallow work. This means you will take another few hours to get yourself into a deep work mode.So why not maintain your deep work mode?

If you want your overworked mind to be valued you must learn to deep work. There are only three types of people who can survive the escalating rate of comfort in civilisation and bolting economy. You should know that without deep work someday your wages and job will be taken away from you. Hence it is important that you deep work.

There are three types of people who can never be replaced

1. The Rich Business Owners

These people know how to make friends with economy easily. Of course they are going to survive the world’s digitilization and unemployment.

2. Those Who Work With Technology

They know how to help economy grow, you could describe them as the parent of economy, of course we need them!

3. People Who Are Experts In Their Job

Nobody can take you out if you are the controller.

Learning how to deep work

There are many ways in which you can deep work-

  1. Monastic Deep Work-Monastic deep work means when you have the readiness to isolate yourself and patience to stay like that until you have gained what you want.
  2. Bimodal Deep Work-This is a technique that gives you freedom to live your life at half the time and to concentrate completely at another time at your goal
  3. Rhythmic Deep Work-This is when you set yourself some rules or a timetable
  4. Journalist Deep Work-If you are too busy then when you think you have some free time that is the time when you should know you must deep work.

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