The City Street at Night

Have you ever thought about the city street at night, how the tumult dies and the real beauty of the city awakens. These are my observations and perceptions of the city street at night.

The leaves gently rustled in the soft breeze that swept them on its track. An owl seated above on one of the coarse brown branches of a tree. It was constantly seen taking in it’s surroundings with great curiosity. The aroma of some left over street snacks dispersed visual pleasure into the tasteless air. The only sounds were that of olfactory dogs who snarled with greed for the steaming bread. Unwillingly the vendors gave the dogs their unpaid meal.

A man was seen wearing a lustrous sparkling golden bracelet. This attracted quite a lot of attraction among the eeri silenced streets. Possesively he seemed uncomfortable with people ogling at his bracelet. Protectively, he placed this special bracelet in a carob brown leather bag. A caravan of cheerful gypsies disturbed the vendors and their customers leaving them with no choice but to provide free meals. Everyone had a lament scorn encraved hard on their stoned faces. I was shivering even with my warm jumper tightly covering me. A cold chill ran down my spine. The smell of wet mud buried itself deep within my nostrils.

A beaming light shot out from above me. It was a lamp lighter lighting a lamp using a long pole and a giant ladder. He seemed exhausted . A few shops were still open but I knew this sight wouldn’t last long. All of a sudden I felt my dinner down me throat, it wanted to make way for bread. The morning’s tumult was now over. The charcoal blue sky lit up with stars and a cresent moon smiled at me.

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