Donate to educate the Future

Many students are suffering because of the lack of education that has been caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. Education is something that we all need to grow and develop. Changes in circumstances and the crashing economy have resulted in many people losing their jobs and thus being unable to pay rents, buy food, and sending students to school.TheCovid 19Pandemic is burden to all of us and humanity annot live in peace with it. Covid 19 has had a great impact on education and the lack of it. The only way that our economy can rise later is when our future generation can get an education which is the best way to become successful. However, because of current circumstances, this has become a challenge. Donate here for a better future:

Akshaya Patra ensures the safety of education taken by children. From school sanitization to pregnant women. Akshaya Patra not only helps children receive an education but also to be born healthily and receive a balanced diet. Akshaya Patra also allows you to donate in the memory of someone, for a celebration and also in the honour of someone or something. The happiness kits that are launched by Akshaya Patra ensure nutrition, immunity, hygiene and education is provided to the child. Please help the children and help the future.

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