Flow-A time when you feel truly happy and forget aabout the outside world, this can be a time when time itself seems frozen.

This can be when you are painting or reading or doing any other educational hobby.

This is nothing but another term for enjoyment. enjoyment means growth and happiness, however, pleasure means addiction which can be good and bad.

There are certain conditions to finding your flow or enjoyment instead of happiness, these conditions are:

Your flow has to be something that can be completed.

Your flow should be something you can focus on however something you choose to focus on and are not forced to.

Your flow should mean the elemination of insecurities

Your flow should be an effortless task

Your flow should mean immediate feedback.

Your flow means a battle between challenges and skills.

Your flow means success.

Now how do you find your flow/Success/Enjoyment?
This is something you chase for happiness not fame.

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