Help forgotten angels

Our parents are the most important things in our world, even if we’re on different planets their the ones that helped us get there. We’ve learned how important it is to appreciate our parents. Everyone’s time on earth is limited try to live it to the fullest help others do the same. Start helping your parents rebuild their wings in a suitable way that makes it possible for them to reach your planet. To understand our fast developing world. If you haven’t still started doing this, start doing it now. Don’t expect them to pick up a new phone and learn to order from amazon without knowing how to pause a video. They didn’t do that to you hen you learnt to write.

We appreciate our parents, however, not everyone does. Some like to leave their parents to dwell in the despair of their long lost world they need to escape. Others don’t even provide for their parents, leaving them like orphans, without care or love. This has been going on for more then a decade. The only thing that these elderly can rely on our donations. We can’t go to every person in the world and help them. However, we can help these disadvantaged elderly that seek your help.

HelpAge India is a leading charity in India working with and for disadvantaged elderly for nearly 4 decades. They help take action against elderly abuse which is a very true thing. Help age india’s has now started focusing on technology that elders need help in understanding. They also help provide for elders and get them medication. You can donate for HelpAge India here:

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