How to declutter your mind

  1. Journaling
    With this method you can slow down your thoughts. Journaling means like putting down your thoughts into a book, into words which makes them seem less complicated when they aren’t tangled. After this you can move on with your life instead of rereading and rereading the same journal againa nd again.

2. Bullet lists
These types of lists help give each of your ideas it’s own space to be discovered without other ideas budging into your head you can take your own time and move from one idea to another.

3. Mind maps
This means getting poster paper on your wall and getting your tangled ideas onto a paper. Your ideas might mostly be connected, so put these ideas in their connective form to explode on a piece of paper. Walk around the room now, look from different ‘perspectives’. Later in the day, extend the area until you start finding answers.

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