How To Win Friends And Influence People(summary)

How To Win Friends And Influence People(summary)

1.Give people what they want

Everyone loves to be appreciated. Who doesn’t love to be told about their talents and supported for the smallest things? Well, I have to say I do too.

2.How to get something done from someone

Lets take an example. There was a man, he was hosting some social skills lectures. Suddenly he received the news that his rent at the hotel had increased by 3 times. He went to the manager and instead of screaming in the manager’s face, he did something different. He gave him the advantages and disadvantages of the situation. The advantages ad disadvantages would be: The ball room will be free for dances and functions however I will have to leave, because I cannot pay such rents. Most of my clients are rich and they will only come to your hotel if they come to this lecture. The next day the manage lowered the prices by 2 times. So, if you want to get something done from someone, forget the good stuff from their side, tell them the bad stuff from their side.

3.Show interest in other people’s business

A quote by the author is ‘you can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people then in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.’ It makes more sense then how much it seems to. Every time someone tells another person about themselves, the listener always imagines himself or herself as the hero of the movie. Whereas the other person is constantly trying to impress the listener.

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