-By Albert Liebermann and Hector Gracia

On an island called Okinawa in Japan people believe everyone comes on Earth for a reason hence they call this Ikigai. Which means ‘Reason to live’. The population of this island never really retires. You will not enjoy your job unless it is your Ikigai. YYou may even feel stressed or depressed, because of your job which is not your ikigai. Finding your Ikigai makes you irreplacable. After graduating you must take the most important decision of your life, your proffession. Some eople advice you to choose a job that you like. Whereas, othrs advice something that you are good at. Some say a well-paid one is the best. While others say choose something that is useful to the world. Ikigai is a combination of all of this.

You can be paid +The world needs it=Your Vocation/Suitability

What you love+What you’re good at=Passion

What the world needs+What you love=Mission

What you’re good at+What you can be paid for=Proffession

You must find a profession which you are good at, you love, you can be paid for and what the world needs. Something that sways you into another world in which you have the power of possesion to all of your answers.

Your Ikigai can be anything. From babysitting to making sushi

Your Intiuition+Curiosity=Success

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