Man’s search for meaning(Summary)

-By Viktor Frankal

During world war 2 Viktor and his family were taken to the Nazi concentration camps. The Nazi concentration camps were used to torture jews to death, to destroy them. Viktor survived this horror but unfortunately his family could not. This is the story on how Viktor survived the concentration camps in which many were tortured to death. Viktor didn’t simply survive he managed to live a normal life after his life-threatening past. Then he invented logo-therapy, a way for human to survive in the most horrible circumstances. After completing his theory, and now developing a will to share this with the word. He hence wrote the book ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’

The Horrible Begining

On reaching the concentration camp Viktor with some others was sent to the left while the rest were sent to the right. To the right of the concentration camp were the gas chambers were weak children and the elderly were sent to meet their end. Viktor on reaching the left, was instructed to dig down the earth. Others who were with him were told to do the same, their disappointment became hope as their spirits rose to the thought that they were not killed. They were unaware of the fact that this work was much worse then death. For food they were provided with only a small piece of bread.

Many died by pressure. Others who survived this camp with Viktor had a definite purpose to live for. Hence Viktor has a saying, ‘He who has WHY to live can bear any HOW’ For Viktor, he would imagine that after all of this he would meet his wife. He would imagine that he would develop his logo-therapy, after the concentration camp ended.

Towards War and Victory

He tells the story of another man living with him in the concentration camp. The man told him that he dreamt something amazing that they all would be free on 31st march. When speaking it turned out that this dream took place in February and they were talking about this at the starting of March. Viktor said that he felt enthusiastic that day, hopeful and positive. Thus, the days passed by. On the 29th this man died. Everyone though it was because of a deadly disease but it was because of hopelessness. When the man lost all his hope he could not survive. The most deaths occured between Christmas to New Year. This was when many imagined to see their families again, and denied this liberty. Hence, they died. However, Viktor never lost hope.

Later, Viktor survived and left the concentration camp.

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