Nowadays mastery is very important as you may have seen a doctor who specializes in a certain field is richer then a general doctor as he is a master in his field. Mastery is very important for complete success. Hence today I shall be telling you how you can become a master in your field.

Answering the ‘Why’
Firstly, mastery will not coming knocking at your doorstep very easily, you must find your passion. You must have a strong moto and a life goal on why you want to achieve mastery in this specific field. You must imagine even if you do achieve mastery in this field what benefit will it give others. Answer your ‘Why?’ and you shall know your field in which you have a possibility of becoming a master.

  1. A mentor and an Apprentice
    The field in which you seek mastery might already have been mastered by someone. You must always remember that these people are the ones who can teach you the best, depending on what range they are from ‘best to best’. Learning from the very best masters is very important as this will improve your learning and decrease the time in which you learn. Thus, making you successful faster .
  2. Practice, Feedback, and some more practice
    Practice=results, hence the same practice is equal to the same results. Thus, you must keep on analysing and practicing. To achieve mastery in a field you must compulsorily practice it 10,000 times. This means patience is also very important to make sure success is efficient.

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