Miracle Morning(summary)

Life S.A.V.E.R.S

meditation does NOT mean literally closing your eyes, it means emptying your mind of junk. This does not happen when you are asleep but when you are awake, sort of like, when you go to sleep its like going to the pool, which does not really start your day or refresh you like a bath does. In this case by ‘bath’ I mean meditation.


This is when you constantly motivate yourself and not build castles in the air. Meaning, you say ‘I can win’ and not ‘I won’


For about ten minutes in the morning imagine yourself having achieved your goals, doing this move to the next step about thinking what you had to do to achieve these goals. Now for the last step, think about how you will work towards your goals today.


Exercising has more benefits then fitness. It makes you feel happy, energized, and awake, when done in the morning


This means, reading every morning for about ten minutes to develop it as a habit.


This means journaling, just writing down your thoughts, however if you cannot think about anything you could just simply write you don’t understand anything.

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