My dream house

Hello friend, I am sure you have a dream house, maybe you seek it or are already living in it. These are my perceptions of a dream house.


It was a marvellous road binding itself towards paradise. A tranquil meadow had lavish lavenders burgeoning with enthusiasm. The only sounds were that of the pleasant euphony being melodiously chorused by nightangles and koels. A fleet of radiant parrots canopied me, it was like watching a colour changing kaleidoscope. A beautiful house opened its arms to me with a warm welcoming smile. It was the house of my dreams.

A tiffany blue door and a house made of bold red English bricks. It had a stern slate rooftop and a tiny century-old chimney. The house had a marble floor that excluded an air of comfort.The intricated classic interiors were flawless. A glass chandelier hung from above illuminating the room. The magnificent French window were colourless and yet bought me inner happiness. The royal blue Latin curtains were flipping in the wind. A gorgeous wind chime played amazing music with a soothing tingle added to each beat. The house gave sight to a picturesque scenery of a wonderful garden of tulips.

The kitchen gave peace to my raging hunger. Behind the kitchen was a prepossessing personal garden. It had ruby red roses, stupendous lilacs and stunning orchids. It had beauty that was out of this world. In the bedroom was a massive crimson wardrobe that had metallic handles. Adjacent to it was azure blue dressing table. It had a vase full of violets placed perfectly in a corner. A warm and efficent bed welcomed me to rest. The comfort had me snuggled to happiness. For sure this was wonderland. The freshness of nature was unrelatable to that of manly machines. It had armchairs put to like a replacement for a sofa. What a beautiful place to call home.

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