On an Island

From afar the island was an emerald green chunk of land. My first step left a cold hard imprint in the floury wet carob sand. The waves had soaked the sand. Looking around, this island was a heavenly paradise. A thousand different species of plants and birds gave the already beautiful place a magical feel. Poppies and African Violets blossomed with alacrity. Bumble bees buzzed around harmlessly collecting nectar from Japanese honeysuckles, cherry flowers, and blushing plumerias. The lush green foliage gave a tropical look.

The harmonious euphony of sparrows, robins, and koels was an undiscovered natural art. Cotton clouds canopied us. The ever-sweet waters gently touched my skin, an aloe vera plant bowed down consuming a drop of water that dripped down my skin. Kingfishers, toucans, parakeets, parrots and pigeons gave colour to the blue sheeted sky.

A bed of innocent daisies lay peacefully. Ravishing roses danced with the wind. The melodious singing of nightangles was pleasant to my ears. A marvellous freesia plant burgeoned with willingness. A rivulet was crowded with clownfishes, coral trouts, Rainbow parrot fishes, peacock cichlid and many more got together for a discussion. This place was as picturesque as a picture.

At dusk the sky was a lavish smoky dull yon orange. All the tourists were pleasantly peaceful. The godly environment had changed their thinking of the world. I spotted our black ship. It had many delicate glass windows. It looked like a toy from the highest cliff. Thousands of trees lined together.

Millions of birds and fishes accepted eachother’s idiosyncrasies. A few freesias caught my attention they were lined in flawless positions, scattered across. This perfect place had an innumerable number of shades. The beauty of this place had me transfixed. Leaving it felt like being part of a horrible crime.

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