Success is very short defined by humans-passion, hard work etc.
However the author of this book has got us out of the stubby little box to see the other factors that define success.

People don’t rise from rag to riches, it isn’t always right. Try to find out these peoples’ history.

What are outliers?
Someone who is different from the mainstream, someone out of league. They have strength, opportunities and enough presence of kind to seize these opportunities. They are different.

Your abilities do not define your success. You also need an opportunity. If you want to become a master to something your need to follow the 10000 hour principal.

There is no such thing as a self made man. If you want mastery on something, you need to spend 10000 hours of practice on it in 5 or 10 years. Practice is something that causes success not maintains it.

Bill Gates
He got the opportunity of a computer in his school and university and he had the ability. He mastered the 10000 hour rule.

Not just him, but many others too.

Wealthier background means you will have more quality education experience

Asians are great at mathematics, this is because they are great rice farmers which requires, coordination and patience.

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