The Case Of The Missing Clock(Part 1)

Mrs O’leary had been very cantankerous for the last few days, suspicious of anyone and everyone of stealing her precious heirloom, a grandfather clock. She was an old widow who spoke to her clock who replied with a tick and a tock. Even if she was the landlady of her building and living in an … Read more

The Case Of The Invisible Man(Part 2)

There on the floor was uncle alan curled up beside his identical head, sadly, the wax version. “Someone has murdered my Alan Jr.,” he wailed. William ignored him and headed towards the axe beside him. Nobody would just break into a house to destroy a useless wax statue and just leave. The destroyer of the … Read more

The Case Of The Invisible Man(Part 1)

William Green knew he was being watched. There was something weird about the place. He had come to Typical Town for the summer to live with his uncle. William either saw his uncle taking tourists to his basement, or ‘the ultimate wax museum’, as he called ,or slumped in front of the TV. The wax … Read more

How To Win Friends And Influence People(summary)

How To Win Friends And Influence People(summary) 1.Give people what they want Everyone loves to be appreciated. Who doesn’t love to be told about their talents and supported for the smallest things? Well, I have to say I do too. 2.How to get something done from someone Lets take an example. There was a man, … Read more

Help forgotten angels

Our parents are the most important things in our world, even if we’re on different planets their the ones that helped us get there. We’ve learned how important it is to appreciate our parents. Everyone’s time on earth is limited try to live it to the fullest help others do the same. Start helping your … Read more

The Magic Of Thinking Big(summary)

The Magic Of Thinking Big Summary According to the author your bank account’s size is related to the size of your imagination. For example Elon Musk, although Musk is intelligent it isn’t what makes him successful. It is his imagination something that proves his intelligence. Imagination makes everything and anything possible. No wonder Musk’s bank … Read more

Why Travelling Is Important

Every day we work as hard as we can every day to fill our bank accounts. Even if we have all we need we still always want more which isn’t particularly a bad thing, because when you make that new lamborghini in the market your goal you are gonna shed sweat tears and make sacrifices. … Read more

Day trips in Pune

Daytrips in Pune Pune: from rafting to paragliding, Pune filled with joy for the young and old, black and white, you and me! Here are 5 of the best daytrips close to the ravishing city of Pune: 1.Maval, Takve Lake (100 km from Pune) Maval, a beautiful sight exquisite greenery with low budget, and divine … Read more

A scenic drive from Goa to Cabo de Rama

A scenic drive from Goa to Cabo de Rama Heading from North to South is a huge task, you might want to leave early.  I would recommend you go in the monsoon for most scenic views. Although you will face some traffic, which is quite a lost of pain for restless travellers. Soon you will … Read more

Dog-Friendly Trips In Pune

Della Adventure & Resorts Della Adventure and Resorts, is the definition of luxury for your dog and yourself. Spread over 36 acres, it is India’s largest extreme adventure luxury resort and one of the best weekend getaways . You’ll never be working in this environment and with your dog to accompany you forget about life’s … Read more