The City Street at Night

Have you ever thought about the city street at night, how the tumult dies and the real beauty of the city awakens. These are my observations and perceptions of the city street at night. The leaves gently rustled in the soft breeze that swept them on its track. An owl seated above on one of … Read more

A candy store

Hello friends, have you ever wondered on what your favourite store may be. Mine is surely the candy shop. This is how I would describe my favourite store. The glass door pushed open and a delicate small brass bell tinkled with a delightful tune. The Persian carpeted flooring excluded an air of comfort and royalty. … Read more

On an Island

From afar the island was an emerald green chunk of land. My first step left a cold hard imprint in the floury wet carob sand. The waves had soaked the sand. Looking around, this island was a heavenly paradise. A thousand different species of plants and birds gave the already beautiful place a magical feel. … Read more

Intelligent Investor (Summary)

The first concept I would like to explain to you is, Aggressive vs defensive Imagine there are two friends, Alan and Dave. One of them is aggressive when it comes to investing and that is Alan. The other one is very defensive when it comes to investing, that’s right, it is Dave. Let’s draw a … Read more

A Thank You Letter in Lockdown

Dear Ministers, Delivery men, Teachers, Doctors, Police, Nurses, Army Officers, Soldiers,Vegetable sellers, Government staff, Mothers, Wives, Farmers,News reporters, Sanitary workers, and everyone. Ministers, Government staff, Amy officers, Police and Soldiers: Thank you for your exceptional service and endless sacrifices that you made for us selflessly. You were strong against covid and spent hours thinking about … Read more

Shade Of 2020 And The Light To 2021

2020 may seem like the worst, For freedom you must contain your thirst. At home wages we must earn Everyday for the past we yearn. Just to see each other smile, A number we must dial. It took a while but all the valuable lessons we learnt are arranged in a pile. Nature is just … Read more

To my daddy

Dear daddy,Your heart is clean like a picturesque sceneYou like calmness because you are serene.I love my daddy because he is evergreen Beybee Quick Dry Bed Protector Waterproof Baby Cot Sheet – Small (Beige)  (5825) ₹ 104.00 (as of September 11, 2020 – More infoProduct prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and … Read more

Life After 2020

I am in 2021 life on Earth is almost done.War is from what I run.Everyday for my past life I yearn.Asking myself, “Why must I live in 2021?”Life is hell.To you I wouldn’t have had to tell,If only in the past for the poor you would’ve felt.Infront of GOD you would’ve knelt.If only you would’ve … Read more