Plant a tree, Save lives

Thousands of people die every day of lung cancer and asthma. The land is heating up, because of the greenhouse effect. This is causing ice to melt and water to dry, droughts to happen people in some countries are dehydrating while others are facing floods. With dry lands dead wood is forming which is causing wild fires. Wild fires all over the world are causing the sky to fill up with toxic gases that are going to prevent harvest and cause starvation. These wild fires are also killing animals,  burning them to death so you can’t depend on animals if the harvest stops. With droughts comes the drying of rivers and lakes. The Aral sea dried up in 2016 do you want the same for the bigger seas and oceans?

Yet after all of this, we ignore the facts. Life is dying, it is not long before our world fails to move on. All these problems can be solved, only one solution-Trees.

Yes trees, those beautiful living beings that take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Those trees that prevent lung cancer, asthma, the greenhouse effect and the death of nature. The land will not heat up if the greenhouse effect decreases, which can only happen with the presence of trees. Dead wood will not appear if trees don’t die and don’t let our lands dry. Wild fires won’t occur because trees will always be around to provide rain and to heal the earth that got hurt because of our stupid mistake of leaving a lighted cigarette by the camp. Animals won’t die and neither will the harvest stop because greenhouse gases will be swept clean because of trees and harvest will happen.

Now, we all can’t just go ahead and quit our jobs and families and go and plant trees around the world. I promise I am not ever going to tell you to do that. Yes, but there is a way we can be of help to nature. We can help those who are ready to quit their lives and plant trees for a living. You can donate. You can donate to these people so they can get supplies for planting trees. The least you can do is to take a few hundred bucks from that salary of yours and give it to your mother, nature after the endless pain she takes it is the least you can do. You can donate here at Green

Green Yatra has many campaigns everywhere. One of these is the PEDH LAGAO campaign which aims to plant 10 crore seeds. This is a mass tree plantation. Not only does green yatra support trees but also water conservation and renewable energy. A campaign that supports this cause is the SUSTAINABLE VILLAGE AND FARMERS CAMPAIGN. Green Yatra supports green celebrations too! They also help the needy by providing second hand products thus delaying them from entering the waste stream. An example of a place which Green Yatra supported is the Miyawaki forest. A small patch of industrial area that is now a beautiful emerald path. Just remember a seed indeed is a friend in need.

Here is the link to Green Yatra:

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