Protect the Voiceless

‘Welcome to a world of torture, misery, and heart breaks’, this is the welcome a baby panda, sea otter, blue whale and every other endangered animal would get at birth. What welcome do we get? ‘Welcome precious to this beautiful world in which humans can persecute animals to their own will.’ You see the difference. How much of it we make although we share the same home, Earth. It’s good to have evolved but not to have evolved to think ourselves as the boss, when we are just the leaders of nature, we must care for those lower then us. not destroy them. Nobody can destroy your home, so why do you destroy their homes, the homes of snow leopards, gorillas, whooping cranes, just why? Only because they’re voiceless, they can’t fight us? You can protect threatened species and their habitats, by donating.

Donate now to save habitats, to save homes(You have an option to donate monthly too):

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