Road Trips In Bihar

Road trips in Bihar

1.Navlakha Palace

Navlakha is in Rajnagar. The palace has suffered great destruction during an earthquake in 1934. No renovation was done. The place is in ruins yet it looks beautiful with its intricate architecture. The palace contains many ponds and gardens to marvel at. However damaged it is beautiful to the eye. One can only imagine how amazing it might have been when it was created.

2. Kesaria Stupa

Kesaria Stupa is a major tourist attraction.It is a buddha strupa which only the most dedicated devotees would dare start climbing. This breathtaking monument was created between 200 and 750 AD, has survived for this many years without damage to it’s huge structure.

3.Janki Temple

Janki temple marks the exact place where Sita, an Indian mythology character was born from the Earth itself. A large courtyard is also present to loiter. The Janki Kund is a pond present in the courtyard. Many tourists enjoy their visits here.

4.Vishwa shanti pagoda

Vishwa Shanti Pagoda is one of the 7 peace pagodas. It represents non-violence and can be spotted easily because of the perfectly located 4 statues together that are very closely situated with it. Each represent one of the qualities of  life: birth, enlightenment, teaching, and death. The place is a magnificent representation of Japanese architecture located in India.

5.Buxar Fort

This fort gives tourists a chance to sight glorious artifacts of Bihar’s ancient past. The fort although constructed before 1054 AD looks very new.

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