Secrets of Millionaire Mind(Summary)

However one thinks one shall become. The author’s perspective of life is the same as that of a rose garden. To take care of your rose garden you must take care of it. The same is for our brain, to achieve success in becoming rich we must rid ourselves of poor mentality and set up a millionaire mind for ourselves. Today you shall find out the secrets of a millionaire mind which will help you build your own one.

  1. Growing mindset

The rich always have a growth mindset hence they always succeed. For example if a rich mentality faces a crisis they will get over the loss mentally then physically but a poor mentality will lose all hope. Always have a growth mindset and not a prejudiced mind, a fixed mindset.

2. You are responsible for every occurence in your life.

This means that rich people don’t blame others for how they live, let their condition be good or bad. Whereas, a poor person would list the following reasons-

Not rich- because boss is not good

not living luxuriously- because of no luck

no good relationships- because no good people

Instead of doing this blame it on yourself and find a solution to these problems, I challenge you to find the correct answers to the above problems.

3. Problems will always be present in our lives.

Problems bring opportunities and teachings that make us hard working and stronger then before. A day will come when a huge problem may come up, but you will know how to solve it.

4. Power of endurance

Rich people may shine but only because of their dark past.

5. Rich people admire everyone

The rich admire everyone no matter how they became rich. For example a poor person would think that someone must have done something horrible to become rich although this may be false.

6. Taking risks

The rich take their mistakes as a lesson and move ahead in life hence they are more prone to overcome future losses because of the past risks they have taken.

7. Eager to learn

Reading books, talking to wise people, are habits of the rich. Whereas the poor believe they know everything.

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