Shade Of 2020 And The Light To 2021

2020 may seem like the worst,

For freedom you must contain your thirst.

At home wages we must earn

Everyday for the past we yearn.

Just to see each other smile,

A number we must dial.

It took a while but all the valuable lessons we learnt are arranged in a pile.

Nature is just another definition for green, hopefully now we know there is a lot more to be seen if we are keen.

Picking up that phone used to make us moan, now we’re trying to use a drone.

Time is precious it’s divine, that is because we can not go back in time.

Maybe today we can find another way from all the chaos and the time devastating process from removing a needle from a stack of hay.

Let’s go to saying it’s ok. Surely we can save today.

Trying being a better person to the poor and maybe changes can occur.

Trying picking up that phone in 2021, maybe life will be a better one.

Discover your talent, your inner one even if 2020 is done.

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