Smarter Faster Better(Summary)

Hello friend, after finishing his book called as ‘The Power Of Habit’ Charles Duhigg became a very busy man. Opportunities and hence responsibilities piled up. Charles Duhigg was unable to handle so much pressure. Basically, his day=work>time. He couldn’t find time to enjoy his rich life either. Later, Charles Duhigg met Atul Gawande . Atul Gawande was a surgeon, staff writer, proffessor and even an author. Although busy Atul still found time for his family. With this knowledge Charles Duhigg thought to himself that some people have the power of productivity which makes them more efficent in their work. He started his research on this topic. Afterwards, when his research was complete he wrote this book.

1.Power of choice

If you want to work or want to get work done productively the best thing to do is to give yourself or someone else options. Lets take an example- A mother asked her child if he wanted to wash the car or mow the lawn. This gave the child choices making them feel superior and hence motivating them. This made the child feel like the situation was in their control.


It is observed that teenagers feel safer with their friends then with family. This is because their point of view matches to their friend’s. You will also have to get a team that psychologically makes you feel comfortable. Make a team that does not criticise and instead accepts ideas.


Mental modelling means to analyise what will happen next. Doing this will prevent cognitive tunneling. In cognitive tunneling your brain drastically changes from peaceful to panic. Stay focused on your present state.

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