Support for survival

Have you ever thought about how our world is so intelligent yet so many people die every single day. I’m talking about the injured, the sick and the poor. Many People die because they can’t get treatment because of financial instability. I don’t blame the doctors or the government for this, I don’t blame anybody in this. It has to be like this because our economy has to rise. The world is dependent on itself, every living thing is dependent on another. The poor need out help and we need theirs.

You may think that your office, your company, your business is what brings the economy up but have you ever even thought about the man who built your office, why is he considered of no importance, when he is the foundation? Unskilled workers may not be as financially strong or intelligent but you can’t say they aren’t clever, they have minds much more cleaner then ours. They can manage so much only by keeping their family as their motivation their only hope. They are as selfless as a mother is to her child. Yet, we consider them lowly beings. Why? The world is connected, we are more dependent on it then we are on our own family.

“We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone”

-Ronald Reagan (40th U.S. President)

Health is the most important factor in life. Everyone, and I mean everyone including animals need their health to be taken care of. The poor cannot afford taking care of their health, they need your support, help them now here:

A simple act of kindness creates an endless ripple

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