The Art Of Happiness(summary)

1. Causes of happiness

If we live for a day, a month, a year or even a 100 years all we want is to be happy. People who are happy are more forgiving and loving then those who aren’t. There are certain factors that cause our happiness, and discovering these factors means finding happiness.

2. The path to happiness

the impact of negative and positive emotions. Negative emotions like hatred, jealousy and anger wash away all happiness, however we always have emotions like positivity, love and kindness. When you start believing in positive emotions you will suddenly start feeling better in the world and all other negative feelings will die. You will become psychologyically better and people will start trusting you more.

3. Mental Discipline

It takes time for our mind to become use to being happy. So to enthrust happiness and it’s availability into your mind you must tell yourself every morning, ‘I will not let today get wasted.’ and at the end of the day, every night you must as yourself, ‘did my day go as I planned it in the morning?’ You must develop positive thoughts, positivity may seem a small drop of light in an ocean of negativity. But, later your negative thoughts will leave. No work exists that doesn’t need hard work and positivity.

4.Self discipline

To overcome our negative qualities we need self discipline. Self discipline is useless if used for negative commitments because of greed. You can only use it for positive commitments because your results will always occur to motivate you.

5.Importance of education

It is only because of knowledge that we know what to eat and what not when we are under the weather. We must know how to compare consequences, just how humans did when they learnt how to cook and not get burnt.  You must know education brings discipline not money or riches. Education changes us from the inside and we then create results, or riches.

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