The Case Of The Invisible Man(Part 1)

William Green knew he was being watched. There was something weird about the place. He had come to Typical Town for the summer to live with his uncle. William either saw his uncle taking tourists to his basement, or ‘the ultimate wax museum’, as he called ,or slumped in front of the TV. The wax statues and statuettes really freaked william out. He tried as much time outside as possible. The nights were the worst! The statues’ eyes piercing through the walls looking at him. Okay, now Willism was officially aware he was going insane.

What had really turned summer into a nightmare for william was the recent bringing of a new wax statue into the wax museum. A statue of pure ugliness, a statue of his uncle. This meant, even when his uncle was asleep, he was awake, watching. To make things worse, his uncle had now given the statue a name, so william could not even destroy it. Alan Junioe as the name given to the stumpy little statue. Since then, William’s uncle Alan now paid more attention to the statue then to him.

One night, it so happened, at 3 in the morning, William’s nightmares about the statues were interrupted by screams of tragedy coming from the kitchen.

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