The Case Of The Invisible Man(Part 2)

There on the floor was uncle alan curled up beside his identical head, sadly, the wax version. “Someone has murdered my Alan Jr.,” he wailed. William ignored him and headed towards the axe beside him. Nobody would just break into a house to destroy a useless wax statue and just leave. The destroyer of the wax statue hadn’t aimed for the statue he had aimed for Uncle Alan!

William dialed the police as fast as he could, got Uncle Alan on his feet, and armed himself with a kitchen knife. The police arrived 20 mins later, and instead of giving them the element of surprise they gave them the element of sloppiness. The destroyer might have run away and slept on his bed by then. He saw his uncle sternly talking to the police. Although useless at least he had tried.

William couldn’t even sleep that night, not to mention that he had no protection that could assure him some beauty sleep. The next morning Uncle Alan had closed his wax museum too. He spent the rest of the day moaning on Alan Jr.’s destruction. However, he was lucky enough to have William on the case. He constantly stayed by his uncle’s side, as much as he hated him, he was still family. But, no way, ever was he going to sleep with his uncle. He would stand outside his bedroom the entire night but never would he sleep with his uncle.

The following night, that is exactly what he did. His eyes as heavy as boulders. Suddenly he heard a creaking sound. However, Uncle Alan lay asleep in peace. He was astonished when he saw a figure with a knife come out of the closet. He screamed as loud as he could, which was enough to awaken Uncle Alan who sprang out of his bed with a revolver. Before the man could stab him Uncle Alan shot him. “What can I say, I’m a man of many talents,” Uncle Alan remarked blowing out his gun.

William called the police and many of the townsfolk gathered around their house, news reporters thronged the backyard. Uncle Alan had become a celebrity overnight! The murderer had been a hit man who had disguised as a tourist entering the wax museum. Apparently, he was hiding in the closet all along, o wonder the food was disappearing and hand prints were always available on the window. William had thought it was all the doing of his uncle. Now he finally felt reassured that his Uncle wasn’t as dumb as he seemed.

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