The Case Of The Missing Clock(Part 1)

Mrs O’leary had been very cantankerous for the last few days, suspicious of anyone and everyone of stealing her precious heirloom, a grandfather clock. She was an old widow who spoke to her clock who replied with a tick and a tock. Even if she was the landlady of her building and living in an apartment in the same building, I felt it wasn’t a good idea to keep a heirloom at the entrance of a building. Apparently the peculiar position was chosen to hide some torn wallpaper.

I’m Galem I work in a coffee shop near Mrs O’leary. She’s one of the most loyal customers coming to the coffee shop, when she came to the coffee shop asking for my help, I possibly couldn’t turn her away. However, what could I possibly do? Call the police for an issue like this, no, that would mean making a fool of myself. I had to help Mrs O’leary, so I asked her for the facts.

The clock had been stolen in the night when everyone was asleep. Nobody had even heard the ticking of the clock fading away, a rhythmic pop type. That’s when it dawned on me, the robbers would have been recorded in the camera.

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