The Gifts Of Imperfections(summary)

1.Accepting your imperfections

A cuckoo can sing much better then a parrot, while a parrot can speak much better then a cuckoo. A cuckoo trying to be a parrot is wastage of energy and time, and a parrot trying to be cuckoo repeats the same mistake. Your imperfections make you unique not odd.

2. Perfection is not reality

Today if you got your dream, you would still find at least 1 imperfection in this life. So what use is it being in this rat race when your life can never be perfect only BETTER. You see, you can improve your life but you can’t change it, you wouldn’t want to. A rich man wants children yet he does not have any. A poor man has children yet he does not have money. Imperfections exist but you can always improve the, the rich man can adopt a child while the poor man can get a job and start a passive income.

3. Trust yourself

At times we get answers from our brain that seem illogical when they are quite the opposite. The answer that comes to us illogically is the one that comes from our subconscious mind, this sub conscious mind gives us answers to questions like, when to breathe, when a heart beat should occur, when it should be stopped etc. So do you think breathing is wrong? Then why do you mistrust an illogical answer. Not all of our answers might be correct but you must trust the ideas that come to your head by practice. For example a foot baller has to kick a ball that determines the game, and he does this in seconds, the solution to moving his body he got from his subconscious mind because his subconscious mind remembered the practice he had taken.

4. Comparison is unreasonable

It is quite meaningless to compare yourself with Elon musk then why do you compare yourself with your friends. There re similarities but just as many differences. Stop doing this, you will always lose. It might just make some more sense if you compare yourself of today to the yourself of yesterday.

5.Inperfections vs gifts

The way you sing, or dance or laugh are not imperfections they are gifts. Stop being embarrassed bout them. If something makes you happy there’s a good chance it will never make you upset.

6.What is meaningless

Meaningless is sleeping, resting, recharging, NOT working. No, absolutely no, just as much your conscious mind needs work it needs rest. Your mind isn’t a machine stop treating it like one.

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