The Magic Of Thinking Big(summary)

The Magic Of Thinking Big Summary

According to the author your bank account’s size is related to the size of your imagination. For example Elon Musk, although Musk is intelligent it isn’t what makes him successful. It is his imagination something that proves his intelligence. Imagination makes everything and anything possible. No wonder Musk’s bank account size is 90 billion dollars. This book tells you how you can think big.

1.What Thinking Big is for different people

Some people might think becoming a celebrity as thinking big, while another might thinking of getting a degree as something big. Everyone told Musk that personal rocket companies are not useful and they will fail but Musk still carried on building his company and look at him now. His demotivators are eating their words.

2.Progress means patience

If you look at how far your goal is, you’ll always be disappointed, but if you look at something close to your goal you’ll seem accomplished and keep climbing to your goal. The next thing you know, you would have reached your goal. Just the way Tesla did. They had a goal to sell electric cars for cheap prices. They strted with luxury cars and built their base, then they startd ith electric cars.

3.Believe in yourself

Thinking big is pretty easy, so why doesn’t everyone become successful? This is because there is this constant bother in their mind. ‘I am not good enough’ you see someone in this world might have already been in the same situation as you. Yet, they had found success, so why can’t you? An activity has been suggested by the author. Write down 5 of your strengths and below each write down one celebrity who doesn’t have it. You will know that this particular celebrity achieved success without having what you do, and so can you achieve success because you’ve got a bonus point.

4.Choosing the right people

You need to have a good team to back you up. The team needs the right kind of people, but how do you get them? You need to be likeable. Be a good listener and understand others before taking action.

5.Context and adding work

Elon Musk owns 3 companies and drives them all in the right direction he added a second company to his first and then a third taking responsibility of each one. You can’t take responsibility unless you know that you are capable. If you are disciplined and aware that you have the ability to do this job, you can add more responsibilities. If you are new to the task then just carry on with the basics.

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