The Magic Of Thinking Big(Summary)

-By David Schwartz

1.You will get success if you believe you are worthy of it

You must not question yourself, ‘how do I do it?’ It is important that you believe in yourself. You must tell yourself, ‘I can do it’ This technique works because the power inside you gets activated and helps you to achieve your goal. The more you believe in yourself the greater us this power produced in your body. This belief keeps people motivated.

2. Excuse are the main reason for failure

There are two types of people in the world, the successful and the unsuccessful. The successful people never give up on their positive attitude while the unsuccessful people keep on complaining. These two types of responses to difficulties are what tell if a person is successful or unsuccessful.

3. Building confidence, and destroying fears

You must remember that confidence is the key to diminishing your fears. You must increase your confidence to decrease your fears. This can be done by walking upright straight, sitting in the front row during a class or discussing your ideas more broadly with other people.

4. How to Think Big

Our brain thinks in images and not words. It is whatever we speak, our brain shall imagine. This is important as when we say things like, ‘this is too big of a problem’ we cannot face it. Images of negativity start forming in our brain. Whereas when we say things like ‘I have accepted this challenge’ images of positivity start forming in our brain. Words are very important hence choose your words wisely.

5. How to think and dream creatively

You may have heard the saying “Knowledge is Power” Before you start following this saying, we should start with the types of learning. Fact memorisation and Creative thinking

Fact MemorisationCreative Thinking
It gives us the power only when requiredIt gives us the power to deal with problems any time
Not very usefulBetter

How to think creatively:

Accept thoughts

Take more time to learn new things

Everyday, for the first ten minutes of a new sunrise think about how you can do your best

6. You are what you think of yourself

Many people may try to degrade you. When these negative thoughts enter your heart they prevent you from success. This is the reason why you must think positively and act positively.

7. Manage your environment: Go first class

Your friends will influence fuel to your heart which controls your behaviour. Hence, do things that successful people do. Thus set high standards of environment around you. When you have doubts you must ask a professional.

8. Make your attitudes your allies

When you are talking to someone you may realize when they are not interested or guilty because of their body language. Why are we so good at this? Our ancestors did not use languages to communicate but instead they used their expressions. Hence it is in our genes to so this. When you meet someone with positive attitude and unfortunately on that same day you are in a negative mood, you will receive unpleasant actions. Thus, when you meet positive people try to be positive yourself. To be happy you must be happy with the actions you have committed too. You could also try looking good because this makes you feel important and also tells others to make you feel important.

9. Broad mindset

When you meet someone who is angry with you, you return the same emotions, which is wrong. You must treat others how you wish to be treated which was said by Gandhi.  You must take this as important because this same person could be your friend or your enemy.  First impression is the last impression.

10. Get the action habit

When you know what to do in order to achieve success, you should also know the plan you will follow which will hence be leading you from your home to your richer house. You could do this by questioning yourself how your ideal inspiration did this particular thing.

11. Defeat to Victory

When you make a mistake don’t feel upset on it, instead you must learn from this mistake and not repeat it.

12. Why goals?

You require goals for success, without knowing what your goal is you will not be able to ever be successful.

13. Improvement

You must always want to improve yourself

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