The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari(Summary)

-By Robin Sharma

Hello friend, there once was a man called Julian Mantle he was in his 50’s but looked like he was 70 years old. He had reputation, respect, wealth, but no happiness. He was in constant stress in spite of his infinite money. After burning years of midnight oil nevertheless his hard work bore him fruits. His joy was being contained by all of his luxuries. Currently, his most valued possession was an elegant fabulous cherry red sleek Ferrari. The worst day of his life had been when he unexpectedly had a heart attack. The doctors successfully saved him but told him that to contain the future in his control he must chooses to either live or to die with his wealth and stress.

Indeed, carrying this important advice in his mind, Julian decided to give his profession a break and vacation to India. During the hospital stay, he deliberately thought about this decision. Coming to a conclusion on this complex decision he thought that India’s serene culture would satisfy his brain killing questions on life. After selling everything he had including his Ferrari he moved to India. He enjoyed the simplicity of rural life for seven months without having any answers to his question.

He decided that the monks of India would be able to answer his questions. Julian soon came in contact with a monk. The monk agreed to answer his questions. He explained this through a story. Lets see what this story is.

Imagine you’re sitting in a picturesque garden. This garden has a lighthouse and from this lighthouse steps out a humumgus sumo wrestler. This sumo wrestler comes in sight with a sparkling golden stopwatch. On reaching out to pick up this watch he loses his balance and trips onto the floor.He gets up almost with the help of the garden, and a path full of diamonds appears in front of him. With great pleasure he walks down this marvelling path.

Surprised, Julian told the sage that he failed in understanding how this story would answer his questions.

This story will explain to us the 7 principles to finding happiness in life


Contaminating this garden will damage it hence sucking out its beauty and wonder. Imagine your mind to be this garden, it will become beautiful if you water it with creativity. Of you water it with negativity it will become that horribly dirty garden. Quality of your purpose is dependant on your thoughts. You can

increase positivity by-

The heart of Rose- Focusing on the positive thoughts and ignoring the negative ones henceyou shall sooner or later demolish them.

Opposition thinking- Not having the ability to demolish negative thoughts in the present and just keeping them can get you on the wrong path. Therefore, you must replace these negative thoughts with positive ones.

The Lake benefits- This activity is simply visualising yourself and thus reflecting.

Purpose of Life

The purpose of the lighthouse is to provide sight to ships at sea, in the night. Hence you should be aware of your purpose of life.

Replacing your thoughts with positive thoughts will help you to anaylise your goal and accordingally pursue it.

Consistency of learning

If you see sumo wrestlers from Japan they have their own formula-Continuous Learning+Improvement=Success

On entering a match they aren’t afraid of losing.

For your continuous self-improvement you can read books, eat healthy, exercise etc.

These are some habits recommended by the author-

Enjoying the silence instead of being irritated by the noise


Eating vegetables


Listening to music

Speaking aloud personal mantras

A disciplinary life

The clothes of the sumo wrestler represent his dicipline

The stopwatch represents the value of time.

The flowers represent selflessly serving others, a chinese proverb has been mentioned by the author saying that when you give flowers to someone the fragrance of these flowers remains in your hands.

The diamond Path represent living in the present, this means enjoying the path likewise not expeting the future.

Finally, Julian reflects on his life hence improving it.

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