The most trustworthy donation organisation in India

We all love to help, it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside of you. Maybe it makes you feel like god for a few minutes. But a question arises, where should you donate?What might be the most effective and most trustworthy donation organisation to donate to in India? Lucky for you I have the answer.

DonateKart, a unique way that organisations can raise enough money for products that are in immediate need of money. Donors can choose the organization that they wish to support and donate the products they want to.

How it works

The support you give will be delivered at the end of the campaign or once they reach their target.

Why donatekart

DonateKart allows you to choose causes that you want to support and the products that you want to provide and the quantity of these products. Not only do they deliver these products but also update you about the utilisation of these products.

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