The Power Of Habit(Summary)

-By Charles Duhigg

Hello friend. Our brain, when developing a habit focuses on our efforts whereas on continuously repeating that cycle our brain makes this movement involuntary. When using the conscious mind our brain puts in more efforts to make this movement involuntary. Later making it a habit.

Our brain can not distinguish between good habits and bad habits. The brain likes to save efforts. For example Allen likes to eat burgers more then exercising hence her brain will make eating burgers a habit because of her increased interest rate, less efforts, in comparison to exercising- decreased interest rate, more efforts. It is necessary we change our poor bad habits to create better habits as a replacement.

First we need to learn about-

The Habit Loop:

A three step process controlling your success-that is


Cue/Trigger-A cue is something that encourages you to do a good or bad thing. There are 5 categories of cues/trigger-Location,Time,Emotions,Others,Last action. Last action-previous action part of the routine.

Routine-That continuous movement after the trigger.

Reward-It is simply the part that satisfies you on being a part of this movement.

Getting Rid Of Bad Habits-

You cannot kill these bad habits they are immortal BUT replacable. Try replacing these bad habits with good habits. For example-A man called Jack had a habit of overeating french fries. He read this book and found out his cue, which was simply some time in the morning at 10 to 11. His routine was to feel hungry around that time and to go back to the fast food restaurant to eat. The reward was the taste. Jack decided that he would instead of french fries eat a burger today. The next day a chocolate bar, and the one after that would be a protein bar. On the third day he would eat nothing. Believe it or not he actually replaced his habit. Almost slow poisoning it.

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