The Power Of Positive Thinking(Summary)

Hello friend, let me tell you a beautiful story before we learn about the power of positive thinking.

There once were eighteen men, they all lived in a small village. There was a huge mountain that shadowed their village.Having decided among themselves that they would climb this mountain to see what their tiny village looked like, they set off. The women and elderly constantly tried to demotivate this hike. Alas, they successfully stopped the seventeen men from reaching the top of this mountain.

Five of these eighteen men denied climbing this mountain because they thought that committing this act would mean denouncing their family. Nine of these men fainted during the lethargic hike while 3 of them unable to complete the journey wearily directed themselves towards the village. One of these men triumphantly made it to the top of the mountain. This man was deaf he could not digest the negative thoughts that the other villagers were shooting at him. He could never hear them, he took this positively and made it to the top of the mountain.

We should take this man as an inspiration and make it to the top of life’s success mountain. This outstanding book written by Norman Vincent is the biography of your success. What if you could become like this successful man who climbed the mountain. What if you could make your body immune to negative thoughts and this book is going to answer that question.

1.Boosting your self-confidence

Think about what your ‘happily ever after’ would look like.

Your brain will process anything you tell it to. DO NOT SAY ‘IF’ INSTEAD SAY ‘CAN’.

Don’t limit your imagination.

Don’t be afraid of anyone instead absorb their positivity like a sponge.

Believe in God hence boosting your spiritual power.

2. A peaceful mind generates maximum power.

You can get a relaxed mind too. There’s a habit you will need to clam into your day. Meditation, just as important it is to work it is important to rest. It will hardly take you a few minutes.

3.How to have constant positive thinking

You see when we’re tired we can’t work. It’s just against pscyhology. We don’t feel interested to write anything when we are tired but when we feel great when we’re tired and eating chocolates. This is only because eating chocolates is something that satisfies us but writing a letter makes our brain feel weary. So when you need to work first feel encouraged and enthusiastic. How will you feel enthusiastic for something that your brain is trying to avoid? Think about the results, what good are you going to get? When you find the answer to this question you have won positive thinking.

4. Expect the best and achieve it

Expect positivity from yourself and others. Keep constant your positive belief towards your goal hence to make it positive.

5. New thoughts=New you

Simply think positive, speak positive and stay positive.

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