The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind (Summary)

The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

-By Joseph Murphy

Have you ever wondered why some people must live in the luxury provided by money while others must live in the torture and mistreatment provided by money. Why are some successful while others are not. This book is going to answer all of these questions and even more.

These are simple and practical techniques you can easily use in your life even when you sleep. First you must understand what power you possess, you must know your potency. Your subconscious mind can get you out of failure and unhappiness. By the end of this summary you will be able to see the world from another view.

Your conscious mind works on decisions and choices and your subconscious mind controls your breathing, heart beating, and your blood circulation.

Your conscious mind BELIEVES your subconscious mind CONVERTS IT TO REALITY. Your conscious mind has seen a movie, and believes that aliens exist. Your subconscious mind kicks in and starts imagining that aliens are watching you.

The Visualisation technique

An artist before painting imagines the painting and converts it to reality and a songwriter before catching words imagines the rhythme. You have to do exactly the same hence you must think that you are living a happy healthy and stress free life. DO NOT THINK you have achieved everything you ever needed. Basically think yourself on the right track to success. Either being a positive or negative thought your mind will change it to reality.

Autosuggestion Or Affirmation

Autosuggestion means to give the same message repeatedly to your subconscious mind forcing it to believe the thought as reality. Example-

A young rubics cube solver was called for a competition. He had already lost in three competitions. He was so insecure he secured his insecurities with ‘I am never going to win. I am going to fail.’ Before the competition he read this book, he forcibly told himself that ‘I am going to win.’ Believe it or not he actually won! His subcoscious mind absorbed this thought, slowly, boosting his self-confidence.

Joseph says ‘Think good and good follows, think evil and evil follows. You are what you think all day.’

Your Inner Wealth Power

Our reality is just a reflection of our thoughts. A man constantly reminding himself about his poverty or failed expectations shall remain in his present state. A man carrying ideas, wealth desires, and good thoughts will move one step up towards success. So what is it that you are feeding to your subconscious mind? Your conscious mind won’t agree to ‘I am successful’ because you can not become something without having reason to it or you can not become something until your so called desire passes the concsious mind test. Your conscious mind needs reasons and proof. Instead you can say ‘I am becoming successful everday, rising, and learning. My health is improving. I am becoming a better man.’

Here are two exercersices to train your subconscious mind.

  1. What is your future life, who do you want to be in the future? Be honest to yourself.
  2. Visualise what you’ve written twice a day. When visualising imagine yourself in that picure. Enjoying the luxuries.

In the end we become what we believe and think about ourselves.

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