The richest man in Babylon

This story takes place in Babylon, so lets start from a scene taking place in Babylon.

There once lived a chariot maker called Bansir. One day Bansir was upset and he was sitting in his shop. This is when his friend Kobbi entered. He told Bansir, ” It seems that as you are sitting idly, you must have earned well, how about you give me 2 coins for mow so I can buy myself a meal. ” Bansir replied,”Oh, Kobbi if only I had 2 coins. I would have bought myself a meal, don’t you think so?”

On this Kobbi spoke angrily saying, “If it is that you don’t have any money then why aren’t you working?” Bansir replied. “I was just having this dreamy thought that I had a lot of gold. Hence, I was travelling in a gold chariot. My wife and I had the brightest smiles on our faces just as bright as the golden chariot. Coming back to reality I realised that I had no money in my purse. I wonder Kobbi, why is it that after working so relentlessly we are still poor. ”

Kobbi said, “you are absolutely right my friend, it’s just amazing how money enters our pockets and leaves so fast. Lets ask Arkad our friend how he became rich. It is said he is the richest man in Babylon. ” Bansir and Kobbi journey to Arkad’s house with some of their friends. Bansir started the conversation saying .”Arkad, we have learnt in the same school, lived in the same conditions, and as in the same alleys. Yet, it is so that you are rich and we are still poor. Can you teach us how to become rich too, Arkad?”

To this Arkad replied, “Since childhood I always looked at the rich. Thinking that life treats them so very well, giving them food, chariots, clothes everything desirable. Being a poor shop keeper’s son, my inheritance would not have helped me. I thought that I would have to help myself. Knowing that the process would take time and hard work, I took my decisions deliberately. If you may remember that our teacher had told us about two types of ways to study.

  1. The type of studying which tells us all that we have learnt and we know

2. The type of studying which tells us something we don’t know. That is observation

From then on, I set out to observe everything that everyone does to become rich. I promised myself that I would do that just as I found out what it is. First I got myself a job of making tablets. I realised that as soon as I earned money it all went into my rent, clothes, food and other bills. One day a very rich man named Algamish came to me. He told me that if I manged to do his work, in two days.

I would be rewarded with 2 coins. I burnt the midnight oil but the work was so much that I could not possibly finish it. Algamish when returning became angry. I told him that I would stay up all night and finish his work. But I needed him to teach me how to become rich. That night I finished his work at the next day Alganish returned.

Algamish explained that one day he realised that from the money he earns he deserves a part of it to himself. I was confused. Therefore questions rapidly arose in my mind. Hence, I told Algamish to elaborate. Then, he explained to me that how much money I put into clothes, food, my house, he said it is the same as me being a slave. People who make you work a lot and give you some clothes food and place to stay. You must save 10% of what you earn in order to invest it. Your savings packed together are like a seed, when you sow it you will soon get a huge tree. Saying this, Alghamish left.

A year later Alghamish returned. He asked me if I was giving my self 10% of my salary, I proudly told him the answer he expected. When questioned what I do with this money. I told him that I give them to a bricklayer he has gone sailing but he will return back with a gemstone that I had given him money for. Alghamish raising his voice told me I was an idiot. He told me I had destroyed my seed of savings. He told me, when you are sick do you go to a doctor or to a sweet maker? The obvious answer was doctor. Alghamish then taught me my first lesson always take advice from people who are experts in their fields.

When leaving he told me to start moulding my seeds with my savings once again.

This time he had returned once again after another year. I told him what I had been up to with 10% of my salary. It so happened I had given my money to a shield maker who after selling shields gave me half of his profit. Alghamish asked me about how I use this money, I told him that I use it to my own personal happiness of eating what I want to my content.

He told me that I had cut down my tree of savings before it had bore any fruits. Therefore, I was once again desperate for advice. On understanding my disapointed look, Alghamish told me that I had to invest my savings, so they could form a family tree and give me strong roots hence giving me control over lots of money. Clearly, my second piece of advice received was to not spend too much until I had heaps of money.

Finally Alghamish came back after a few years. He asked me if I was as rich as I wanted to be. My answer was moderate, not content. Then, he told me that I could work at his farm, doing so. The following years passed with hard work. Patience always gives results. Hence, I soon became the richest man in Babylon.”


Save 10% of your salary and invest it

Always take advice of experts in a particular field

Do not cut your savings tree until it bares fruits

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